The sessions with Indy really gave me a chance to slow down, to breathe, to say out loud the many many things and ideas that rattle around inside my head, to try and make sense of some of them, to reject others, to develop new ideas and thoughts and also to alter my perspective on some pre-conceptions which were not serving me well. I was able to explore thoughts and ideas about work, managing my team, habits and behaviours and also my own creative interests and pursuits.

Indy’s quiet and thoughtful presence created a calm and confidential space, enabling me to feel comfortable to think out loud. His attention and attentiveness were enough assurance that I was being listened to and heard. Thank you Indy for the precious gift you gave me – Time to Think.

Salima Bhatia, Head of Communications, The Institute of Ismaili Studies


I have found my sessions with Indy extremely useful. Over the course of our months working together, he has helped me think through tricky and longstanding career and personal issues with a mixture of focused listening and gentle prompts. This has helped me make progress in my creative career, above all in my mental attitude to its particular difficulties. A session with Indy always makes me feel that things are more feasible and leaves me with a better idea of the next step to take. Strong recommend!

J.H. – Playwright, Author and Comedian.


Indy has a calm, welcoming manner that really puts me at ease, allowing me to think deeply about the personal topics that have come up for me over this time. It is such a luxury to be able to think deeply over my own challenges, un-rushed and uninterrupted, and so empowering to find the solutions that feel right to me. In times when inner turbulence has arisen, sessions with Indy have been the perfect tool to get myself back into alignment and back on track, moving forward again in my life with more ease and enjoyment.

E.A. – Actress