About Coaching

Coaching is the creation of a space to solve problems in. It aims to generate fresh thinking, because that is how new outcomes are born.

I am a qualified Time To Think™ coach working in London and online. I focus on this method because it respects the complexity of modern lives and allows for useful exploration before focusing on change. It is particularly effective for people feeling extra pressure in work or life, people starting or ending major projects and those embarking on serious change.

Finding the right problem to solve at the right time is a key to success. We usually know what we are unhappy with in our work or life, but to fix it we have to look at how it connects to the rest. I will support you with encouragement, attention and questions, but the crucial hard work of thinking afresh falls to you. Click here to read more about Life Coaching or Click here for more info on Business/Executive Coaching.

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About Me

Indy Neogy

I’ve been an engineer, a professional photographer, IT specialist, manager, entrepreneur, futurist and innovation consultant. I have lived and worked on four continents and I have an S.B. degree from MIT and an MBA from the University of Leeds. I’m half-Indian, half-British. I believe my wide range and depth of experiences brings an ability to create a sense of calm and care in the coaching room. On top of this, I’ve lived a complicated life, so I won’t be fazed by any problem you bring.


Pricing: Sliding scale between £25 and £225 depending on earning power, circumstances and frequency.

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