Life Coaching

Work is an element of life and I believe they should not be thought about separately. However, the categories of “life coach” and “career/business coach” exist on a lot of directories so it’s best to go with the tide. I’ve written more about coaching related to work here.


When our confidence is low, everything feels harder. It’s harder to ask, it’s harder to receive. We look enviously at some others who seem to just feel able to live and be visible without worries. Building confidence is about understanding ourselves and looking at the beliefs that drive us. Then we can find the liberating assumptions that can help us live in a different way.


Stress can have many sources, and it frequently comes with a feeling of being overwhelmed. The first stage of dealing with this is to get everything out on the table, all the different elements that are contributing to the stress. Once we can see everything, then we can start to think about how we tame it all. Sometimes this is easy, just bringing order to the whirl of demands on our attention has an immediate effect. Other times we need to make some harder choices about our priorities in order to get things under control.

Positive Habits

Developing positive habits rests on three main pillars:

  • Why do I want to create this habit? Is it actually really important to me? Important enough to make changes to make it happen?
  • What are the guides and reminders you can put in place to help you? Making the habit easier is a big part of making it happen, especially at first.
  • Accountability – regularly checking in to record positive progress and remind yourself of the “why”


My coaching philosophy is that all the areas of our life are connected. An important part of coaching is connecting the dots about how different assumptions and beliefs may be influencing our feelings and choices. This is essential when thinking about relationships – a calm space to explore what we are thinking and feeling and why. It’s only when we understand what is driving our feelings that we can find a path forward that works.


Every path to spirituality is individual. It starts with the biggest questions: What is it all for? What does it mean? How can we live a good life? But it connects as well to the everyday – What am I going to do today? What choices am I going to make right now?

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